RYA VHF SRC Course Joining Instructions

The SRC / VHF course is a one-day shore-based course followed by an assessment which takes between 30min and 1 hour.

Participating on our VHF course (including GMDSS) requires some pre-course studying from your side. Please read the pages from the course handbook G31, this is pre course reading (approx 3 hours) is vital as there is no time during the day to teach the essential theory to enable you to understand the practical aspects of the course. The pre-learning pages can be downloaded in a zip folder from the button below:

The classroom SRC/VHF radio course and assessment starts at 09.00 and will end at approximately at 18.00. Please ensure you follow the steps on page 2 to pay for the exam and get your RYA Exam Application form which allows you to participate in the exam. The assessment will take about 1 hour during which you will be tested on your home study and course content.

Candidates are expected to have the basic knowledge of the phonetic alphabet and the operation of VHFs you will be given a copy of the G31 VHF Handbook on arrival for the course.

Please bring the following with you;
1) Pen & paper.
2) RYA SRC exam application form (see above).
3) Recent colour passport photo (NOT POLAROID)

Listed below are some pre-course study tasks, an essential part of the course as you will be tested on these topics during the exam. This should take you about three hours to complete. All of the below is contained in the zip file downloaded from the above button. 
• Read chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the RYA VHF Handbook
• Read Chapters 4, 5 and 6
• Read Chapters 9 and 10
• Familiarise yourself with the phonetic alphabet, page 42
• Read about the Distress Call and Message on pages 44 & 45

RYA Exam Payment
The SRC exam fee is £70 and covers the cost of the examiner and the administration of processing and issuing the certificate. This fee is payable directly to the RYA.
Prior to taking the exam, use the RYA online exam payment system to pay for the exam and receive a personalised exam application form. Print this out and take it with you to the exam, together with your passport sized photo.

The exam payment system can be accessed here https://www.rya.org.uk/exams

More info about the exam can be obtained from here https://www.rya.org.uk/training/theory/src-exams

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