Course cost £34 per person

A test of the rules and regulations of the inland waterways of Europe. You will need this if you require the inland category validated on your International Certificate of Competence.

Course material to be posted to you – None Optional: RYA European Waterways Regulations (G17). 

Required Experience – None

Minimum Duration – Learn the CEVNI regulations in your own time, at your own speed before taking the timed test online.

Minimum Age – While there is no minimum age for the CEVNI test, you cannot apply for an ICC below the age of 16.

Content – This is a test based on the CEVNI regulations. There is no formal training course. Students can study the signs, lights, buoyage and regulations using the book RYA European Waterways Regulations (G17).

Certificate Issuing Criteria – Able to identify and interpret the regulations of the European inland waterways.

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