RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory - ONLINE

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory - ONLINE

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A course in astro navigation, worldwide meteorology and passage planning, which also unravels the mysteries of the sextant.

Course material to be posted to you – Theory pack containing: RYA shorebased notes, RYA Training Almanac, RYA Training sight redution tables, RYA exercises booklet, A plotter and dividers set may be purchased seperately.

Required Experience – Navigation to Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased standard.

Minimum Duration – The course takes approximately 40 hours to complete with an assessment of 2 parts (2 hours) taken in one sitting.

Minimum Age – None

Content -The earth and the celestial sphere, The PZX triangle, The sextant, Measurement of time, Meridian altitudes, Sun stars and other sights, Compass checking, Satellite Navigation Systems, Great circle sailing, Meteorology, Passage planning, Passage making, Communications

Certificate Issuing Criteria – Successful completion of this course will earn you the RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory certificate.

Note: If the student wishes to take the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean oral exam, the RYA require the end of course theory assessment to be invigilated by an RYA Instructor at an RYA recognised Training Centre. Alternatively, the candidate can opt to take an extra theory paper during the oral exam.

This course is delivered by Navathome.com, an RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training. Upon enrollment you will be given access to the course for six months. If more time is required an admin fee wil be charged to extend.

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Year Around Event (2024)



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